I'm Thaira. A UX/Visual Designer with a strategic mindset living in Montreal, Canada.

I love understanding people and solving their problems. From my years of experience I have learned about users in different industries, such as legal and online education. Currently I spend my work days working on making commerce better for everyone as a Senior Designer at Shopify.

Having worked closely with both Marketing and Product teams, I truly believe in the strenght that aligning marketing and design teams can bring to a product's story on launch, either that is a new product or a feature.

My previous work and education experiences have given me an array of skills I can use on my day-to-day: UX/UI design, visual design, project management, motion graphics, and illustration.

My work has even been featured in Unbounce's The 20 Best B2B Landing Page Examples of 2020.

But anyway... enough about me! I'm curious to hear from you now. Below, you'll find some ways to say hello!

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E-MAIL: thairabouhid@gmail.com

For snaps of my work go to my Dribbble page and check out some little delights I'm proud of.
Hope to hear from you! ♥

Things people have said about me

"Thaira is versatile when it comes to any area of design/art/animation."
Connell McCarthy, Head of Design at Monstercat

"Thaira is always such a pleasure to work with - she's friendly, she gets things done on time, and she asks the right questions (and her designs are beautiful!)."
Daniela Szary, Senior Coordinator, OCEO at Clio

"She thrives on new responsibilities and can deal with them very effectively."
Anonymous peer on Company's yearly review

"You are amazing at designing, and are eager to collaborate to improve layouts for accessibility and to generally make things better. You've got an eagle eye for finding things out of place. I really appreciate you, thanks for all the work you put in for the blog redesign project!"
Jess Winters, Front End Engineer at Thinkific

"Thank YOU for introducing me to a core Design Sprint method—Crazy 8's! You went above + beyond by walking me through it and sending me helpful articles. I'm always learning something new from you + I'm here for it."
"Thaira has natural leadership tendencies that need to be further utilized! She isn't afraid to roll up her sleeves and get the job done, but she also is just as skilled at project managing/communicating cross-functionally."
"I truly admire the level of detail that you consider before even starting your design process. Thank you for always asking great questions when working on our Partners/Integrations/Developer pages—you have such a deep understanding of our business goals, and that really shines through in each of your designs!"
Neha Varshneya, Senior Manager, Platform Marketing at Thinkific

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