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I'm Thaira, a well-rounded UX designer with a strategic mindset. I am incredibly interested in people and how to help them through design.

Currently, I'm working on making commerce better for everyone as a Senior Designer at Shopify.

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The three pillars of my design process


Design has a crucial impact in people's lives. So I always try put myself on the users shoes when making design decisions, while always going back to the value it will bring to them. I love talking to them and really understanging the problem space.


When making design decisions, collaboration is essential for better end solutions and successful outcomes. Bringing different voices in a room ensures we have a diverse input with perspectives from different backgrounds and experiences.


There's always something new to be learnt. New tools and design methodologies are often introduced into the industry and along our paths we will often come accross coworkers that will teach you so much, no matter their role or level. 

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